Company Holidays and Blackouts


Company Holidays

Company holidays are extra days that the company is closed that do not need to be deducted from an employees allowance. If an employee has booked holiday over a company holiday, this will not come off their holiday allowance. 

Please note: that company holidays are different to statutory holidays.

To set the company holidays go to Configure > Settings > Absence Settings > Company Holidays

To add a new company holiday click +

You have the option to set half day by ticking the half day box.

Enter the details and click 'add company holiday'

Please note: If you have ticked half day and your employees want to take the other half of the day off as holiday, they will need to book this as a full day to make sure that the half day is deducted from their allowance. 

The company holidays will appear on the company calendar in a light blue colour. 

Please note: The company holiday will only appear if an employee has holiday booked in that month. 


Company Blackouts

So what is a company blackout? Well this is a period of time where employees cannot book holiday. It is ideal if you need all your staff in the office over the Christmas period.

To set company blackouts go to Configure > Settings > Absence Settings > Company Blackouts

To add a company black out click +

Enter a name, start date & end date, select all or choose a particular department then create company blackout. 

If an employee already has holiday already booked during this period of time, breathe will let you know. 

Once you have created your company blackout, it will appear on the calendar in a light grey/blue colour for everyone to see. 

Please note: The company blackout will only appear in an employee has holiday booked in that month. 


So what happens if an employee tries to book holiday?

If an employee tries to make a holiday request over an existing company blackout, they will receive an error message. 

Can I override a company blackout?

Yes. However only HR users have the ability to override a company blackout. You can do this by going to the employees profile>  leave> add leave> from here you can add leave on behalf of the employee. 

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