Company Documents


You can find the company documents section under Company > Company Documents.

This is where you can store any documents you need to keep track of and notify employee's of the company documents they have to read.



Upload a Document

To upload a new document simply click on the  in the top right of the page. 

From there it will take you to a form to complete stating the information of your document: title, tags, audience, read by date and the document itself.

Once the necessary fields are complete you can just click  to save the document to the company documents section.

When you add a company document the audience will be sent a notification letting them know they have a document to read.



How to Read Company Documents

Employee's can access the company documents they have to read via their dashboard.

When they go to view the company documents they are the audience for they have the option to download the document or mark it as read.


You can see who has read the documents and the date and time they marked them as read by going to Company > Company Documents next to the document record.

From here you can see the audience, who has read it and run reports on this information. 



Edit or Delete a Document

If you ever need to edit the document details or update the document you can change the document record by using the pencil icon .

You can also remove the document completely by using the bin iconto delete the record.


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