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One to Ones

All employees one to ones can be viewed by HR. Line managers can also add one to ones (depending on the permissions you have set up for them).

Employees cannot add their own one to ones, however they request a one to one from their dashboard if this function is switched on under Configure > Settings > Change what employees can see and do > tick 'Request one to ones'. Once a one to one is set, these will become visible to the employee under their performance tab on their profile.

There are two ways of viewing employee's one to ones. Firstly any one to ones you are due to review will be listed on your dashboard as a task to complete.


There are 2 types of summary, employee summary and summary.

The employee summary is a section for the employee to add their own information on the one to one. The other summary section is for the line manager/HR to write their information on the one to one. When you edit the one to one, you can enter the summary notes and mark as complete.

FAQ: Can my employees see the summary notes? Yes employees can see the summary notes.

You will also have a notification on your dashboard 7 days before you are due to review the one to one.

To view more information about an employees one to ones, you can access this from the navigator under Performance from selecting an employees profile.

From here you will be able to view all outstanding one to ones and also + add

You will be able to edit any one to ones, set any objectives or upload any documentation by clicking the pencil icon and you can delete the one to one by clicking the bin icon.

HR users can delete one to ones (line managers may be able to delete, depending on the permissions you have set up). Employees cannot delete their own one to ones.

Once you have scheduled the one to one, the employee will receive a notification email to let them know.

If you would like to see a list of all scheduled one to ones, you can run a one to one report. Line managers also have the ability to run a one to one report for their employees.


By selecting the Performance Hub which can be found in your employees profiles. You will be directed to the employees ones to ones, objectives and deliverables tabs.

If you click the objectives tab, you will then see a list of the current objectives associated to that employee. This includes the title, the creation date, due date, whether it is linked to a one to one, score, percentage of completion and state (eg. suggested) :

If you wish to see the completed objectives, filter by state 'done':

From here you can create a report of the objectives

or + add a new objective.

Please note: that the report you pull will depend on which filters you have applied.

You can also edit, view or delete the objective

If you want to add any comments to an objective, click into the record and scroll down to add a new comment:

Employees can suggest an objective from their dashboard.

You can view any suggested objectives via your HR/Line Manager dashboard.

Should you wish to confirm or reject a suggested objective, you can click into the record and then use the buttons at the top of the page:

Once an objective has been completed, you can edit it using the edit (pencil) icon:

This will allow you to score your employees objective, select a % of completion and change the state of the objective as required.

Adding a New Objective:

If you wish to add an new objective for your employee, you can do this from the performance hub within their profile.

You will need to add a title and a description for the objective you also have the option add a review date, link it to a company goal or a one to one.

N.B. As the person who manages objectives for the employee, you can add an objective at either a suggested or confirmed state. However, the employee can also suggest their own objectives which will then come to you to on an email to be confirmed. Once confirmed, the employee will no longer be able to edit their objective.

Please note: Line manager's permissions are set by the HR User so some of these options may not appear.


What are deliverables and how can I use them?

Under the performance tab you can set objectives, however the deliverables are targeted towards the employee. Employees can add their own deliverables to break down that set objective. Not only are your employees then engaging with the system, it also gives the line manager an indication as to how the employee has been breaking down their set objective.

Adding a new deliverable is pretty straight forward. The last thing you want is your employees spending hours filling out a deliverable form.

Fill out the quick description, does it relate to an objective? and set a delivery date.

Once a deliverable has been completed, you can edit the record and then mark as complete.

Once you have marked as complete, it will disappear from the list, however come back to your deliverables page and just 'tick to show completed deliverables'.

You also have the option to export deliverables which still need to be completed as a report by using these icons:


The line manager will not receive an email when an employee adds a new deliverable, it is purely a tool for employees to use and review their individual progress.

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