User Permissions



The admin of the account has total access to both personal and financial information within the system.

In addition, they are the only user who has access to the following:

  • Plan and Billing Section
  • Purge employee data
  • API Key
  • Change Holiday Year
  • Getting Started Page
  • Switching on the payroll export
  • Enable/disable email notifications

Please note - Finance user permissions are an integral part of the admin user access. However, HR permissions are separate. You will not be able to transfer admin rights to another user unless this person already has HR user permissions.


ON the smaller plans, HR users have full access to all employee information including salary information. They can access everything the admin can, except cancel plan, purge employee data, API Key, change holiday year.

On higher plans, HR and Finance permissions are separated and each user will have distinct roles and responsibilities within the system. When this distinction is drawn, certain actions that could previously be done by the HR user on the smaller plans will require both HR and Finance access - what we call 'super-user' access. Examples of such actions are the ability to assign Line Managers and change email addresses..

Please note that only the Admin or another super user can assign Finance user permissions for other users.

Finance User  

A finance user is used alongside the HR user to give or take away finance access to an HR user. If access is taken away from an HR user, they will not be able to see any financial information for any employee.

Another way to use this role is to give someone finance access but remove their HR access so they can see finance information for employees but cannot see any other employee information. I.e. performance and training records.

Line Manager 

Line manager permissions are set universally under line managers permissions, they only have access to the employees that report to them and only to the information you have chosen for them to have access to.

You have the ability to set line managers so they see their direct and indirect reports. So they can view the next level down if necessary.

Holiday Approver 

A holiday approver only has access to their own profile and the leave information of the employees that they are the holiday approver for.


Employees only have access to their own information.

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