Community Dashboard


The community dashboard is a great place to see:

  • the latest company news
  • recently awarded kudos
  • company suggestions

Can't see company suggestions? You will need to switch them on under Configure > Settings > Modules > tick 'Use Company Suggestions'

When you log into your account you will see my dashboard, HR dashboard (if you are a HR user) and community.

NEWS: Any company announcements will be displayed in this section. It's a great way to inform all employees about an upcoming company event. Learn to create a company announcement.

RECENT KUDOS: View all the latest kudos. Would you like to know how to give kudos? Click here to find out how.

RECENT SUGGESTIONS: Employees can now add their own company suggestions.

You can make a suggestion by clicking the icon located on the top right hand side of the page. Fill out the short form and hit submit suggestion. Learn more.

Et Voila!  Your suggestion will now appear on the community dashboard.

If you click the speech bubble icon by the recent suggestions, employees can like/dislike, join the discussion and view previous comments. Cool eh?

The employee can edit or delete their suggestion at any time. HR users can also delete/edit any company suggestions.

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