What is the API?

The API allows you to co

nnect breatheHR to an external system of your choice. For example; if you are using a time tracking system that has an open API, you can use their API and our API to transfer data to and from the two systems.

This involves building a piece of code that connects the two systems, so you will need to find a developer internally or externally to build this 'link'.

Below you will find a document explaining the API and how it works. It will be developers within your company that will be able to use the API. If your development team require more help, they can find more information at developer.breathehr.com

Please note: The API is only available on our regular plan and upwards. The API production and sandbox key, can only be accessed by the ADMIN user and is located under the Configure > Settings > API Setup

We often get asked, does breatheHR integrate with Sage payroll? 

Currently the answer is no. This is simply because Sage does not have an open API which we can use to integrate with.

If you're a developer who is looking to use our API, you can find more information at http://developer.breathehr.com/

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