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Time Logs are little chunks of time that you want your employees to record. Maybe you want to keep track of how much overtime is being done. Perhaps you want to know how much work has been done on a particular project, or how much time to bill a client for. If this sounds like a problem you have, breathe time logs might just be the solution you have been crying out for.

Enabling Time Logs

To enable time logs go to Configure > Settings > Modules > tick 'Use Time Logs'

If you see this message

then unfortunately you will need to upgrade your plan to take advantage of Time Logs. There are lots of other advantages to upgrading, so either click the link or give us a call. Hopefully, you'll see this:

Tick the box and click "save changes" and you are good to go. Time Logs are now enabled on your system

Creating Projects 

If you are already using expenses, then you may be familiar with projects. With time logs, this is a way for you to group things together under one heading. For example, you may create a project called "client X" and then log time against it. That way you know how much time has been spent on client X. You can use this for anything. It might be projects, clients, months, anything you can think of. Cool eh :)

If you want to do this, you need to set up some current projects or clients in the system. You do this by going to Company > Projects. Just click the add button and fill in the details:

Only mark a company project as 'complete' if you no longer wish your employees to be able to select this project when logging time.

At this point, you are good to go. Employees can start logging time. They can do this from their dashboard. If you look at your own dashboard and check out the bottom right corner you will see a couple of new options that look like this...

From here you can either view your time logs or create a new one. Why don't we get started right now and create one. Click the link to create a new one and you will see a form to fill out.

This should all be pretty obvious for you. We've tried to make data entry as simple and quick as possible.

Let's go back to the dashboard and see what the other button does. You'll end up at a list of logs for yourself. HR users and admin staff (and line managers if they are responsible for an employee) can also get to this screen by going to the employee record and choosing the time log icon. There are lots of options on this screen, so we'd better talk through them.

At the top of the screen you have a filter window. This allows you to filter the list down to those logs you are interested in.

Date filter

If you put a specific date in one of the fields then that is the only date you will get records for.

Processed filer

By default, breatheHR will only show Time Logs that are not processed but ticking the box to show "processed" logs will reveal those too. So what does processed mean. Well, it sort of means whatever you want it to mean. We thought it would be cool to give you a way to discern between time logs that had been "looked at" by a line manager or staff, and those that hadn't. Maybe you will use it to mark records as approved, or authorised, or even paid. We've keep it simple and flexible, and leave it to you to decide on the specific use.

Overtime Filter

The partners and clients we consulted about this functionality were adamant that whatever else happened, you needed a tick box for identifying records that were overtime. On the Time Log form, there is a tick box for this purpose, and filtering here will show only the overtime records.

Project Filter

We've also included a filter for projects, so you can group the records by a project or client; clicking the "apply filter" will do exactly what it says. If you don't get the results you want. Just click the "clear filter" button and everything will go back to the start. Hopefully, what you will see is a list of time logs, like the screenshot below.

Now then, this is the clever bit. You see the tick box called "process / export". You can tick as few or as many boxes as you like. Once you have some ticked, if you use the "process" or "export" button then only those records will be processed or exported. combine this with the filter and it becomes a powerful way of identifying time log records and marking them as "processed" or exporting them out of the system.

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