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On every employee's profile there is a more tab, which contains other sections you can store employee information. Below is an overview on these sections:


From here you can view the job title start and end dates and employment type i.e full/part time and a contract end date.

Should you need to edit (pencil icon) or delete (bin icon) you can do this from within the job details tab.

To add new job details simply click + complete and submit the short form.

Any job details you have added will be displayed on job detail main page.


You can keep track/ store your employees equipment which you issue to them. The equipment screen is what we call a module. A module is a screen that you can switch on and off, therefore making the system as simple or as complex as you like.

1) Switch on the equipment screen. Go to Configure > Settings > Modules > tick 'Use Equipment' and update account. 

2) To add a new record in the equipment section, click + to create a new equipment record for the employee

3) Fill out the item, equipment type ( Did you know you can create your own equipment types via the Configure > Settings > Picklists > Equipment Types)

Pop in a date the asset was given, and the return date (optional), add any additional notes and enter a follow up date and click add employee equipment.

You will receive a notification on your dashboard 7 days before the follow up date.

5) Once you have created the record, you will notice 3 icons next to the record.

The bin icon will delete the record and the arrow will take you through to edit the record. If you go into the equipment record and click

you can request the item to be returned. This will send an email to the employee, asking them to return the asset.


Personal history stores information on employee's previous qualifications or employment.

To create your first record, click +

this will bring up a form to which you should fill out as much information as you can such as experience type ,organisation, start and end dates and any additional information.

To Edit or Delete an existing record, click on pencil icon to edit or bin icon to delete a record. If you click the arrow icon it will display additional details of the record.

Notes & Reminders

Notes and reminders is an area of the system where you can save any miscellaneous information for the employee. Any notes and reminders added to this section are not visible to the employee.

There is also a shortcut to add a note

on the employee's profile page:

To add a new note simply click +

If you add a reminder date then you will be sent an email to you to remind you to do your task.

It will also appear on your dashboard to remind you too!

Should you need to edit (pencil icon) or delete (bin icon) the existing note you can do this at any time.

ID Documentation

You can upload as many ID documents as you wish to store for an employee.

Many company policies involve keeping a record of all employee documentation such as a driving licence or passport. You can upload these copies directly to their corresponding employees so you know exactly where to look should you need it.

The main page will display any ID documents which have already been uploaded.

To add a new ID document, click the + button and complete the necessary information

Choose the corresponding scanned document and once the file has successfully uploaded, add the record and it will appear on the main page.

From the main page you can also edit (pencil icon) and delete (bin icon) records.

Emergency Contacts

Hopefully nothing bad will happen to you while at work but should an employee need to get hold of an emergency contact they will look here.

From this screen you can + add a contact form will appear where you can enter the following information:

Please note: You have a shortcut on this form to use the address from the employee profile which will automatically populate the address fields on the form with the employee's home address.

Once you have created the record it will appear on the main emergency contact screen, if at any point you need to edit the contact click on the pencil icon make the necessary updates and save it.

If employees add their own emergency contact information then you will be notified on the HR dashboard and you can approve/reject the change.

Medical Facts

Within an employees profile you can store their medial information. This is ideal if you want to keep track of any allergies, condition or phobias as well as the severity.

From here you can add a new medical fact using the + icon

You can also edit (pencil icon) and delete (bin icon) the medical facts.


You can view or add any Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks within breathe.

If your company works with children or within the healthcare profession you will need to have a DBS check of all your employees.

To add a new DBS check click on the + icon

this will bring up all the information you need to store the record.

You can enter a reference number, level, submission date, expiry date and a follow up date.

To upload a scanned copy of the DBS when this has been uploaded, add some notes and add DBS record. The record will appear on the main page of the DBS records.

From the main page you can edit (pencil icon) or delete (bin icon) the record.


The disciplinary section enables you to save any disciplinaries against an employee.

HR users and line managers (if given permission) can add a disciplinary to an employees record.

To add a new record click + 

Fill out the type and add a description, this section will be seen by the employee.

You will then be able to enter more information to the record. Please note it is only the details and status that can be seen by the employee. Any notes and documentation will only be seen by HR users and line managers (if given permission)

To view and edit a record click on pencil icon and to delete use the bin icon.

From here you can set the appeal status, record the outcome, set an expiry date, mark as expired and resolved.

To add notes, go into the disciplinary record by using the arrow icon

and click 'add note' next to the notes section.

Then you can add the note form.

An Hr user and a line manager (if given permission) can add as many notes as they need to one record.

Any documentation can be added at the bottom of the record and you can set the visibility of the document for the employee.

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