Plan & Billing


All the information you need to know about your payment for your breathe subscription can be located under Configure > Plan & Billing

Change Plan

You can change your payment plan at any time directly from your account!

You can view all the details of your current plan via Configure > Plan and Billing at the top of the page. 

If you wish to change you plan, simply click  change plan.

From here you can view your current plan including how many employees you can import, how many HR users you can assign and the cost of the plan (excluding VAT)

It will let you know on this page if you have too many employees or HR uses to downgrade your plan size.

To change your plan simply choose a new plan and click on change my plan. The effects will be immediate but the billing information will not update until your next bill due date.

Please note: You need to be the account administrator in order to access account settings.

Cancel Plan

If you wish to cancel your subscription to breathe you can do so at any time all of your data will be permanently deleted!

If you do not wish to continue using breathe, you will need to cancel your account from within the system. You can do this by clicking Configure Plan and billing Cancel plan.

Please note: You can only access account settings if you are the account administrator.

All of your employee information will be deleted, should you wish to start using breathe again you will need to start from scratch! So think carefully before you delete.

Please be aware if you have not exported any data before you cancel, then it will be deleted once you cancel your account.

We would really appreciate your feedback on why you decided to leave us too, as this helps us grow and develop as a company.

Update Billing Info

This page contains your information on your current method of payment, your current plan size and your next billing date.

You can change your payment information or plan size from this page at any time by just clicking on the blue arrows next to the information.

Please note: You can only access account settings if you are the Admin of the account.

Billing History

You can view all your previous receipts of payment from the billing history screen. Go to Configure > Plan and Billing> Billing history. Admin/ HR users, and finance users can access this section.

All of your previous invoices will be listed in your billing history in chronological order, you can change how the invoices are ordered by clicking on the columns.

You are able to download and print previous receipts by clicking on the

icon under the actions section.

You can also add a third party email address to send copies of the invoices by adding an email under Configure > Settings > Email Notifications > 'Send a copy of all invoices to'.

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