Permissions & Approvals


Employee Permissions

Choose what employees see. Within breathe, you can have complete control over what the employees can and can't see when they log into their account, giving you peace of mind.

You can find the employee permissions under Configure > Settings > Change what employees can see and do

From here you can change the employee permissions by simply ticking the boxes of what you wish to change.

Line Manager Permissions

Within breathe you can choose what line managers can view, manage and delete on their employees profiles.

You will find the line manager permissions under Configure > Settings > Change what line managers can see and do

On the right hand side you can tick the box, so line managers can see not only their employees but also the next level down. This will mean that they have exactly the same permissions as the direct Line Manager. However, notifications will only go to the direct Line Manager.

You can also tick the second box on the right, so line managers can see their employees bank details on their profile.

On the left hand side of the screen is where you determine what the line see on their employees profiles.

Simply tick the boxes to accommodate your preferences. Once you are happy with your choices, click 'update'

Just a few quick tips:

In order for Line Managers to add employee documents to the employee profile, you will need to tick 'manage' profile.

For Line Managers to manage TOIL, you will need to tick 'manage' adjustments.

HR Permissions

If you would like to change any HR permissions then you can do under Configure > Settings > Change what HR users can see and do

From here you can tick if HR uses need to have their leave approved.

What is the grapevine label?

The grapevine label is the yellow banner that appears on the community dashboard when ever you create a company announcement. You can name this whatever you like! For example 'company noticeboard'.

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