Employee's Leave Screen

The leave screen displays all leave the employee has requested, has taken or is booked to take.

By using the navigator you can view employees leave, simply click the plane icon.

As a HR User you will be able to manually adjust holiday allowances using the -/+ buttons.

The system will automatically pro-rata any new starter when assigned to a holiday pattern which will appear as a negative year adjustment.

From here you will be able to view how much allowance your employee has as well as if they have any holiday requests, booked leave or any taken leave.

You can add back dated leave to an employee by clicking + icon.

To edit leave click the pencil icon to cancel a request or cancel a booked holiday click the X.

If you are also a holiday approver and need to approve leave for an employee. As a HR user you don't have to be an employees holiday approver to approve holiday, however it won't show up on your dashboard.

Are you a HR user and cannot add your own leave? This may be down to your current HR settings. Click Configure > Settings > change what HR users can see and do > untick HR users leave must be approved. You will then be able to add your own backdated leave.

How to Record Unpaid Leave

We recommend recording unpaid leave as 'other leave', since other leave does not come off the employees holiday allowance but you can also create your own other leave reasons.

1) Create your own other leave reason. Go to Configure > Settings > Picklists > Other Leave Reasons

2) Add the other leave record. Go to the employees profile> leave> add leave> choose the type of leave as 'other leave'> choose the other leave reason (unpaid leave) > add the first and last day of leave> click add leave.

3) This will create a record within the employees leave screen. You can see the 'type' of leave has been recorded as other leave and the allowance used is 0 days. 


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