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Why can't I edit the email address of an ex-employee?

To be able to edit any details for an ex-employee, you will need to mark them back as current temporarily.

To do this, go to the Employee's Profile > Edit (pencil icon) > Employee Status >Mark as 'Current Employee'


Once you have marked the employee back as current, you will be able to edit the email address.

Don't forget to mark them back as 'ex' afterwards!


Why can't I close off a sickness record?

Usually this is because there is a conflicting absence elsewhere on the employee's profile.

The system will not allow you to record more than one reason for an absence.

Therefore, the conflicting absence will need to be cancelled out before the sickness can be closed off.


Can I assign more than 1 Line Manager?

You cannot assign more than one Line Manager to an employee.

However, you are able to assign different users to be an employee's holiday approver and expense approver by going to the Employee's Profile > More > Permissions > Edit (pencil icon):

Furthermore, there is the functionality within breathe to allow 2 tiered line management permissions.

You will find this under Configure > Settings > Change what line managers can see and do > tick Enable Line Managers to see 'Their employees' employees'


Can I re-use the profile of a former employee who has come back?


There is no need to create a new profile for this employee if all their information already exists in the system.

You would just find their Employee Profile > Edit (pencil icon) > Employee Status > Mark them back as 'Current Employee'

Remember to note their leave date before you update the employee status.

In order to keep a record of their previously held position, you should mark their former job with the end date that you noted as their leaving date when you switched them back to a current employee and create a new job record to cover their new employment. You would do this under the Employee's Profile > More > Jobs:

One last thing to consider is whether you wish their two periods of employment to count as continued service. If you do, then you should leave the employee's join date as it was on the profile. In this way, any holiday allowance based on length of service will be unaffected.

However, if they are to be considered two distinct and discrete periods of employment, then the join date can be amended to reflect the join date for the new period of employment. In this way, the employee will need to start again with regard to the accrual of holiday based on length of service. Should you choose this latter option, you may want to consider purging the employee's past holiday data so they start with a completely clean slate.


Employee's email address is already in use

In breathe everything works on unique email addresses assigned to each employee's profile. Therefore, an email address can only be used once in breathe.

If you are getting a message saying the employee's email address is already in use there are a few places it could be that it will need to be removed from:

  • Within another profile in your breathe account
  • In another breathe account, maybe the previous company worked for used breathe
  • The employee may have taken out a trial of breathe, so it is being used in the trial account
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