Holiday/Leave Tips & Tricks


How can my employees book the odd hour off?

1. They need to be on an hourly allowance

2. They need to have 'ignore working pattern' ticked on their profile so that the system will allow the manual entry of time to be deducted from the holiday allowance.

You can find this box under the Employee Profile > More > Working Pattern & Holiday Allowance > scroll down to 'ignore working pattern':

By ticking this box, you instruct the system to disregard the hours that show under each day in the employee's working pattern and thereby allow them to manually deduct the number of days or hours leave that they take:

Set up a 3rd party recipient for holiday confirmations

When the holiday request/cancellation is approved then this triggers an email to both the employee requesting and the 3rd line confirmation recipient.

To do this is simple go to Configure > Settings > Email Notifications > Send notification of approved leave requests to and enter the email address of the person you want these to go to in the box:

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