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Can I print the organisation chart?

No - this is not an exportable chart.

However, you have a couple of options in order to print off the details:

  • The simplest is to screenshot it
  • Alternatively, we do integrate with a piece of software called Org Chart Now. This will give you the ability to create printable versions of your organisation chart using the data from breathe. Click here to find out more

Why can't I edit an email address even though I am a HR user?

To edit an employees email address go to the Employee's Profile > Edit (pencil icon) > Type the new email address. 

However, if you cannot click into the address field and edit the information this will be because you do not have finance user access. 

You will need to have finance user access to edit an employees email address. 

How can I see what permissions I have?

Click Employees > List > you will see a number of permissions against your name.

If you only have

then you will need to contact the admin user of your account or a user that currently has

assigned to them.

How do I add my company logo?

Within breathe you can upload your own company logo. This will appear towards the top right hand side of your employees account and also when they log into breatheHR via their company URL.

Please note: You will need to be the administrator to do this.

To upload your company logo in the account go to Configure > Settings > Details > Edit (pencil icon) > Add Logo

Your logo will be resized to fit a rectangle 300x100 and will appear in the top left hand corner.

Payment Notification to 3rd Party

If you are a credit card customer, you can request that a copy of the payment receipt be sent to a 3rd party. This will be in addition to the one sent to the Admin user.

Go to Configure > Settings > Email Notifications

Please note: The admin user can access the full invoice within the account by clicking Configure > Plan and Billing > Billing History

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