Security and GDPR


Your security is our top priority.

The security and reliability of access to your data is core to everything we do. You are trusting us with valuable data and we take that responsibility very seriously. This page will give you information about how we protect your data and provide reassurance that you will always get access to it whenever and wherever you need.

As you can appreciate we have received a lot of communication from our customers surrounding GDPR. However we are on the ball and have come up with a solution to provide you with all the information you need. Please see the link below to our security section: 

​Security & Reliability​

This will cover, how we keep your data safe, where is the data stored, our details as well as our approach to GDPR. We are in the process of working with ICO to achieve the gold security standard. 

Of course if you have any further questions, we are happy to answer them. 

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