New Account - Getting Started


Now you have taken out a free trial of breathe lets get your account up and running!

Join Katie for her 30 minute fast track tour of breathe to get an overview of what the system can offer and learn how simple it is to end your employee admin. It's so easy to attend just register here.

Getting your account set up can be done in no time at all, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Import your employees 

Go to Employees > Data > Manage Data Imports > + add, download our import spreadsheet, complete it with your company's information and upload it into breathe. Simple!


2) Set up your holiday allowances and working patterns

Let breathe know how much holiday employees are entitled to by simply creating them a holiday allowance and to set their working hours you will have to create them a working pattern. Then assign the holiday allowance and working pattern to the employee via the Profile > More > Work Pattern & Leave Allowance.

Holiday allowances and working patterns can be created under Configure > Settings > Absence Settings

When you are creating a holiday allowance or working pattern simply click the '+' button to add a new one and then complete the relevant fields.


If your employees receive bank holidays you can let breathe know by going to the Employee's Profile > More > Work Pattern & Leave Allowance

Tick 'yes' to receives statutory holidays and then chose the relevant country from the drop down menu. If you have multiple employees entitled to the same statutory holidays then you can bulk assign them.

3) Configure your permissions

Under Configure > Settings > Permissions and Approvals, you can edit all the permissions for the account. You can change what HR users, line managers and employees can all see and do in the account.

4) Set up your picklists 

We call drop down menus picklists!

Any drop down menu in breathe that you can customise you can customise under the picklists section. The picklists section is located under Configure > Settings > Picklists

5) Send welcome emails to your employees

When your account is set up and you are ready to roll it out to your employee then you can do so by sending them the welcome email straight from your HR dashboard!


Subscribing to breathe

Once you have your breathe account set up and you are ready to buy then simply click the 'Buy Now' button at the top of the page!

You can change your plan size you are on under Configure > Plan & Billing > Change Plan.

With breathe you are not tied in to a contract, there are no hidden costs and the prices are great value!   

How Can We Help?

If you need some help or have any questions regarding your breathe account then just let us know! You can contact our lovely Support and Onboarding teams here at breathe via the blue chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of your breathe account. 

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