Not Receiving Email Notifications

  1. The first thing to check is that email notifications are enabled within your account.

You can find this out under Configure > Settings > Email Notifications > Enabled

2. Make sure that your email is showing as verified (green in employee list), if not you can send them a verification email via Reports > Unverfied Emails > Send Verification Email

3.  Make sure the email address that is being used in breatheHR is the correct email address 

4. Check your Junk/ Spam/ Clutter folders

5. Ask IT to make sure that the employees’ personal email inbox has white-listed

6. We host our data on Amazon Web Services so please ask IT to make sure that is not blacklisted

7. Ask IT to check that the firewall/ spam filter being used is not bouncing back the emails to breatheHR.  If this is happening the issue will need to be rectified by your own IT team

8. Ensure that the user themselves has not set any personal rules on their mail box to filter out unwanted mail

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