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You can add a new employee to breathe via the Employees  > Add New

You can also use the add new '+'  button from the employee list 

This will provide a form asking for the basic information requires to add an employee to breathe.

Please note: Every employee needs to have a unique email address

If you cannot see the working pattern or holiday allowance within the drop down list, it will be because they have not been created.

Click here to learn how to create a new holiday allowance 

Click here to learn how to create a new working pattern 


Custom Fields

Enabling custom fields

You can add up to five custom fields to an employee’s profile. To enable this function go to:

Configure > Settings > Modules > Custom Fields

HR and Admin users can enable custom fields.

The custom fields will then be visible on the employee’s profile under the custom tab.

You can allow your employees to see the custom fields by going to:

Configure > Settings > Permissions and Approvals > Change what employees can see and do > What employees can see > Custom fields for their own record 

Please note: Line Managers are not able to see the custom fields on their line reports’ profiles.


Pending Leaver

You can make an employee a pending leaver via their Employee Profile > Summary Tab > Edit > Employee Status

When you make an employee a pending leaver, breathe will generate an email to HR users informing them what will happen when the employee hits their leave date.

At the point of leaving, breathe will automatically close all the salary records, benefits and job records.

If they are a line manager or holiday approver for employees, they will be removed, so not one is still reporting to someone that has left.

It will stop their access to breathe and mark them as an ex-employee. However you can still view their employee profile from the employee list. 

It will also give you a suggestion as to what the pro-rata holiday should be. N.B please note that this is just a suggestion, as some companies rules may differ. 


How does breathe calculate the leave? 

  • It takes your holiday year start date
  • The employees leave date 
  • Works out how many days they have worked
  • The employees holiday allowance for the year +/- any adjustments

Calculation = (days worked/365 days of the year) *holiday allowance 

Have you got an employee who is rejoining the company? Click here to find out how to add them again. 


How to Delete an Employee

If you would like to delete an employee from your account then it is a simple task, which is easy for you to complete.

Go to the employee's profile, who you would like to delete and use the bin icon on the right hand side.

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