Performance Reports


One to ones

Here you can see a an overview of any one to ones. Including the employee name, department, date and time, type, reviewer and status.

You can search for a specific record using the search bar or use the filter tabs. You also have the option to filter by department and division.


From this report you will be able to quickly view any objective for all employees including the creation date, due date, and the current state eg. suggested.

You can search for any record using the search bar as well as filtering by departmentdivision or location

The list is defaulted to show all statuses but this can be sorted by state.


An overview of the deliverables set to employees.  You can see from this report a description and also if its been completed


The report can be filtered by using the filtering options.  You can filter by department, division, location, time and from dates as well as the Type, Status and Category type.


The kudos report will pick up all kudos that has been awarded across the company. If kudos has been deleted for an employee (only HR users can do this) then it will not appear on the report.

It will display the name of the employee, who awarded the kudos and when, the kudos type, as well as the message that was given.

What can I use the kudos report for?

Well if you do not have a employee of the month or a reward scheme in place, you can use the kudos report to kick start a performance scheme. With the filtering at the top of the report, you can drill down and find out which employee has been awarded the most kudos in their department or division or even location.

Of course you can just view the overview on the kudos report, however you can export the data to excel and create a performance chart and put it up in the office!

Perhaps you have a set of company beliefs that you would like your employees to follow, well you can create them as kudos types.

Can I download the reports?

Yes you can!  Where ever you see the Blue Icon in the top right of the screen as highlighted shown below.  This will also relate to the filter to!

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