Sickness Reports


Most reports will be able to be filtered using the below. In some cases you can filter by more options which we will go through below.

Open Sicknesses

This report will allow you to have a quick overview of any sicknesses that are not closed off or need attention.

⭐️ Top Tip ⭐️: If sickness isn't calculating for your employee is having trouble booking leave then this could be the culprit!


Sickness overview

The top half allows you to select start and end dates for the sickness records along with the categories you can chose from, and the status of the sickness. You also have the option to filter by department and division.

When you have selected the criteria, the bottom half of the screen will update to show you the results once you apply the filter.

Annual sickness report

The reports shows the employee and the amount of instances, the total amount of sick days and their Bradford Factor. You can also search for a particular employee by using the search bar at the top or filter by department or division.

To look at an employee's sickness in more detail, click on the grey arrow icon, this will open the Sickness screen for the employee.

Sickness Trends

The report will display as below which you can filter by specific dates

You can also drill down into the trends for specific employees within their profiles: Employee profile > Sickness > trends:

To find out more about Employee Sickness please click below..

Employee Sickness


Can I download the reports?

Yes you can!  Where ever you see the Blue Icon in the top right of the screen as highlighted shown below.  This will also relate to the filter to!

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