Remuneration Reports


When you go to your Remuneration reports you will see the following...

Each report will allow you to filter by certain criteria such as Department, Division, Location and from a specific date range.


This report displays the from and to date, the salary amount as well as the frequency and pay basis. The list will display all the previous and current salaries, however you can filter the report to only show current salaries. A current salary is a record that does not have an end date against it. Tick the box 'only show current salaries'

Additional Payments:

The additional payments overview will display all employees with an additional payment record as well as the award dateamounttype and a further description.

You can search for a specific bonus type or description by using the search bar.  As with the other reports you will be able to download this information as a Excel spreadsheet.


On the benefits report there are more fields displayed when you export the data to excel, such as Job title, Review date, Employee contribution, Employer contribution, currency & Notes from the records.

Auto Enrolment:

This report will show you the employees who are entitle to be automatically enrolled into your auto enrolment pension scheme.
Please note that this link will not take you to a separate screen but will instantly download to an excel spreadsheet

Can I download the reports?

Yes you can!  Where ever you see the Blue Icon in the top right of the screen as highlighted shown below.  This will also relate to the filter to!

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