HR Reports


Pending employees

The Pending employees report is exactly that. This report will show you a list of employees who are yet to go live in your system.  You can sort by date and also click the grey arrow to perform any requests on the system.

Joiners and Leavers

The report can be filtered to show records of employees who left after a certain date, before a certain date or records of employees who joined before a certain date or after.

If you put in a certain date you can see how many active employees you had at that moment in time..

Employee details change

When an employee makes a change to there profile these will show up on the report below to approve.  The report will also show what the entry was prior to the change.

Employee Last Logon

This report will tell you the name of the employee, department, division, location, their last log in date and time.

Employee Data Export

Clicking this link will not take you to another screen.  It will automatically start an export to excel spreadsheet of all your employee details.

Unverified emails

This is a great report on understanding who haven't verified their email address.  This is an important thing to do as if an email address has not been verified the user will not receive any conformations for approved leave, company announcements etc.

Where ever you see the orange aeroplane the email address has not been verified.

⭐️Top Tip⭐️

If an Employee is not getting notifications this may be why!

Can I download the reports?

Yes you can!  Where ever you see the Blue Icon in the top right of the screen as highlighted shown below.  This will also relate to the filter to!


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