Pending Leaver


To make an employee a pending leaver go to their Profile > Edit (pencil icon) > Employee Status

When you make an employee a pending leaver, breathe will generate an email to the HR user informing them what will happen when the employee hits their leaving date.


At the point of leaving, breathe will automatically close all the salary records, benefits and job records.

If they are a line manager or holiday approver for employees, they will be removed, so not one is still reporting to someone that has left.

It will stop their access to breathe and mark them as an ex-employee. However you can still view their employee profile from the employee list. 

It will also give you a suggestion as to what the pro-rata holiday should be. N.B please note that this is just a suggestion, as some companies rules may differ. 

How does breatheHR calculate the leave?

  • It takes your holiday year start date
  • The employees leave date 
  • Works out how many days they have worked
  • The employees holiday allowance for the year +/- any adjustments

Calculation= (days worked/365 days of the year) *holiday allowance 

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