breathe update July 2018


So the release came on the 24th and has had an overwhelming positive reaction which we thank you all for.  The Development team have worked really hard on it!

We've had some great feedback on a few issues too which have been fixed in todays release. Here they are...

Middle and "known as" names have been put back in

Work anniversary and Employee Birthdays

Just in time for a whip round, You can now see its the big "40" for Dave in Finance 🎁


Document sorting by date

Documents should now sort by Last Updated be default. 📆


Click on the Employee picture or first name to access profile

Seem this was used a lot so we stuck it back in.


Re-add link to the holiday calendar under the date on the HR Dashboard

We've added a clearer icon to access the Holiday Calendar from the HR Dashboard


Status not coming through on One to One Report download

When you export your one to one report the status will now filter through.



So that's a list of the main ones and we're not done just yet. We're listening and working hard to get this just right.

Many thanks for your patience and if you want to get in touch just follow the chat icon in the bottom right of the site.

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