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Your new UI

Change can sometimes be a daunting thing but we 100% believe what our team have done with the new UI app is positive and will make things better for the way you interact with breathe.

Here is a little help in hand should you need it to get to grips with whats changed

This is the new Kudos button. You will notice everything is going to be consistent in colour across the app so do not worry.

Tell your boss to install those much need sleep pods or at least some better biscuits for the kitchen!

Click here to be transported to your new look Profile page!



Employee Types:


Action Buttons:

Unverified Emails:

Orange Aeroplane means that you need to make an action on this email address and send out an email for the employee to click and make sure the address on the system is genuine.  When its grey you're all good!

Whether you're adding training or some sickness this button will be consistent throughout the app.

You will see this button when downloading to a pdf or downloading a report to Excel.

More action buttons:


If you come across any other new buttons you're unsure of please let us know in support and we will add them here.

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