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We often get asked, "What emails get sent out and when?"

Well, here is a little summary for you that should answer any queries you may have, covering what emails are sent out to HR users, who they are sent to and when.

Weekly digest emails


Bright and early every Monday morning, at 2:15am

Who to?

HR users 

What does it cover?

  • Employees with a DBS expiring in 30 days or less
  • Unresolved grievances
  • Unapproved leave requests
  • One-to-ones coming up in the next 7 days
  • Upcoming birthdays or work anniversaries in the next 7 days

Daily Notifiers - HR users


Sent overnight, ready for you the next morning 

Who to?

HR Users

A notification will be sent...

  • On the follow-up date for an ID document 
  • 28 days prior to probation review
  • 30 days prior to training expiry
  • 30 days prior to contract expiry
  • On reminder date for notes
  • 60 days prior to DBS expiry
  • On the review date for company docs
  • On the day of an interview

Do line managers receive Daily Notifiers?

Line managers do not receive a daily notifier email for the employees on their team - they receive them on an employee level.

Daily Notifier - Employees

Sent out overnight for the following day. The employee Daily Notifier will notify on the following:

14 days prior to due date for objective

The day after a new company announcement has been posted

On 'read-by' date of company document

On the day of an interview (recruiters only)

New Employee Welcome Email

Sent via the HR dashboard or the employee profile page to the employee.

The option to send a welcome email will disappear as soon as the employee has logged on for the first time.

Forgotten Password?

Sent to the email of person requesting

Document to Read Reminder

Sent by HR to all those who still need to read it and to anyone who is required to read a particular document, but hasn't done so yet and a “read by” date has been set.

New Training Request 

Logged by the employee, sent to HR users

Training Rejection

HR rejects the training request, sent to employee

Training Booked

When training is marked as booked in system, sent to employee

Training Cancelled

When training is cancelled in system, sent to employee

Training Expiry Reminder 

To HR manager(s) who have employees with training expiring in 30 days time

New Leave Request

Logged by employee, sent to holiday approver

Leave Request Approved

Holiday approver approved leave, sent to employee

Leave Request Denied

Sent to employee

Leave Cancellation Request

Cancelled by employee, sent to holiday approver

Leave Cancellation Approved

Holiday approver approved leave cancellation, sent to employee

New Sickness

Logged by the employee, sent to line managers (if given permission)

Employee - Returned to work

When employee is marked as returned to work, sent to person who manages sickness for that staff member

Sickness Query

When queried by approver

New Kudos

Given by anyone, sent to employee given kudos

ID Follow up Reminder 

Follow up date, sent to HR users

New One to One

When a new one to one is added, sent to employee

One to One Reminder

Sent 1 week before meeting to employee

Objective Suggested

When an objective is suggested, sent to employee if suggested by Line Manager/HR

Sent to Line Manager/HR if suggested by employee

Suggested objective confirmed or rejected

Email notification to an employee to notify them if their suggested objective has been confirmed or rejected

Objective Completed

When an objective has been marked as complete, an email will be sent to the line manager.

Objective reminder

To an employee when they have an objective that has a target date set 14 days in the future and also again when the target date has arrived. (Reminder is sent on two occasions)

Expense to Approve

When an expense is submitted by the employee an email will be sent to their Line manager to approve

Expense Approved

When the line manager has approved the expense, the employee will receive an email

Expenses Rejected 

If the line manager rejects the expense claim, and email will be sent to the employee

Contract Expiry

To a HR manager(s) who have employees with a contract ending in 30 days time

DBS Expiry Reminder

To HR managers who have an employee with a DBS expiring in 60 days time.

Note Reminder

To the person who created the note and the reminder date is today.

Probation Reminder

To HR manager(s) who have employees with probation ending in 28 days time

Employee Identification Reminder

To HR manager(s) when the follow up date for an employee ID document has arrived.

New ID Document

To the Line Manager/HR user when an employee uploads a new ID Document

New Company Announcement

To every employee to notify them a new company announcement has been posted.

Asset Return Request

To the employee when HR have requested their company asset to be returned.

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