How breathe Calculates New Starters' Holiday


Employees in their first year of employment do not receive their full entitlement, but instead receive a pro rata allowance depending on how much of the year they have worked.

When a new employee is added to your breathe account, they will fall under the default holiday allowance for your company. The system will then work out if your employee has started part way through your holiday year and calculate the pro rata based on their start date.

This ends up as an adjustment on their holiday year. This document explains how that calculation is made.

The calculation:

(Full year entitlement X Number of days between start of holiday year and employee start date) / Number of days in Year

The figure is always rounded down to the nearest half or whole number.

For example:

Holiday year starts - 1st January 2018

Employee start date - 10th April 2018

Employees full entitlement - 28 Days

((28 x (100)) / 365) = 7.67 (rounded down to 7.5)

The adjustment on this employees holiday is -7.5

Above is how it will be displayed on the employee's leave profile.

You can also view these adjustments under the adjustments tab on the employees leave screen (see below).

If you do not agree with the way the pro rata has been calculated, then you can always use the adjustment buttons on the employee's leave calculation to change the figure.

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