breathe update September 2018


Here is the start of your September update. Keep checking back to see what's new.


Date ranges causing error 500 on Age and Birthdays Report

We had an issue where certain filters on the Age and Birthday report would bring back and error 500 😒. This has now been fixed and working as is should be.

When Bradford factor is unticked it disappears and you are unable to get it back

If you had the Bradford factor enabled and wanted to turn it off, we had an issue where you couldn't get it back 🤷. 

You can now go ahead and turn that back on should you need to.

When editing an objective which has been linked to a one to one, it removed the one to one is has been linked to

This one is pretty self explanatory but its been fixed and there should be no further issues. 🎉

The Development team have also been busy looking at other small bugs and working hard on enhancements.  We have a new feature on its way so watch this space!

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