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Recommend a friend is our brand new feature that allows you to gain points and win prizes by simply recommending breathe to a friend. Your friend will also enjoy a 15% lifetime discount. 


Why have we launched Recommend a Friend?

We have so many happy customers who provide such valuable feedback we thought it may be fun for you all to spread the breathe love 😍 and recommend us to your friends! All of your employees will have access to this feature and the ability to gain points for your company. It might just encourage a bit of healthy competition 🥇


How it works

Our 'Recommend Breathe to a friend' scheme is designed to make it easy for you to share some ‘Breathe love’ with a friend who’s still doing HR the old-fashioned way.

Simply click the view / share button (top right) to share the love and you’ll receive:

There are different levels that can be achieved via Recommend a Friend, start as a breathe user and make your way to become a breathe ambassador!  


Keep track of your Recommendations

You can easily keep track of who has recommended people via the team leader board on the right hand side. 

For those of you who enjoy friendly competition.. See where your company is sitting on the leaderboard in comparison to other companies!

So how do you recommend people to breathe?

Recommending someone is so easy! Simply 'view/share code' on the right hand side and it will give you various options to share your code, whether that be on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

To encourage your whole company to get involved and win you some amazing prizes, we recommend sharing information about Recommend a Friend with your employees. You can use a company announcement to share this information and if you are not sure of what to say, here is a simple announcement you can use:

Recommend a Friend

breathe have an exciting new Recommend a Friend feature! It is located under 'Recommend' at the top of your page and allows you to recommend anyone who would benefit from breathe.The more people we recommend the more points we earn and points mean prizes!


Recent Activity

This area shows your recent activity and you can see when your friends take out trials and activate their account.

Now you know all about Recommend a Friend it's time to start referring and win your company some amazing prizes!

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