Employee Data Imports


What are the Data Imports?

We make it quick and easy for you to bulk import critical employee information.

Who can access the Data Imports?

If you are on a Micro or Starter plan then anyone with HR access will be able to view and add data imports.

If you are on a Regular, Pro or Premium plan size then HR users will be able to view and add the following data imports: Import new employees, Update existing Employees and Jobs.

Finance users will be able to add the following data imports: Salary, Benefits and Additional payments.

Employees with HR and Finance access (this includes the Admin) will be able to view and add all of the data imports.

How to use Data Imports

Employee data exports are located under Employees > Data > Manage Data Imports

To create a new import simply click the + button.

Select the import type you want from the drop down menu.

A download button will then appear for you to download and complete your chosen import.

Please Note: All of the imports require each employee to have a unique employee reference otherwise they will not be included in the import.

Once you have completed your import you can upload it by adding it to the grey box at the bottom of the page.

Click 'import'!

Once you have uploaded your import the status of the import will be 'Checking'. To find out if the import has been successful or not please REFRESH THE PAGE.

If your import has been successful the information will be automatically uploaded to Breathe!

Please Note: With the salary report, if it is used to add a new salary record then an end date will be added to the employee's previous salary record.

If the import is unsuccessful you will be able to tell as the status for the import will be 'failed'. You can use the arrow icon to go into the record and view the errors for the import.

You will then be able to see the type of import, the state of the import, when it was created and who it was created by. Below there will be information on the specific errors in this import.

The icons in the right hand corner allow you to:

ARCHIVE - This is to archive the report so once you have used this report and no longer want it to appear on the initial list you can archive it. Don't worry you can still view archived imports.

DOWNLOAD - you can use the download button to download the import, correct it and re-upload it.

DELETE - the bin icon can be used to completely delete the import. This will also delete data in your account that had been added via this import.


Our new import allows you to also bulk update employee information!

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