Payroll Export


What is the Payroll Export?

Export payroll-ready data and never lose track of employee information. Export all the data you need in just a few clicks, ready to be imported into your payroll system. 

Who has access to the Payroll Export?

If you are on a Micro or Starter plan then anyone with HR access can turn on and run the payroll export.

If you are on a Regular, Pro or Premium plan you will need to be the Admin of the account or have HR and Finance access in order to switch on the payroll export. Then anyone with Finance access can view and run the payroll export.

How to use the Payroll Export

To turn on the payroll export go to Configure > Modules > Payroll Export

There are 2 different options you have for the payroll export:

  • Log changes only - this report will only show the specific information that has changed on the employee profile plus their reference number - no other information
  • Log all attributes - this will pull a report of all employee information on the profile page including the change that has been made

Once you have turned on the payroll export it is located under Company > Payroll Export

You will then be taken to the payroll export page that looks like this:

At the top there are a few figures to bare in mind:

Change logs to export 
This box shows the number of employees within your account who have had changes to their profile since you have last run the payroll export.

Change logs to export
This box shows the number of employees within your account who have had changes to their profile since you have last run the payroll export. It will also include employees who do not have a national insurance number.

Employees that need data 
This is to show employees that are missing a NI number or an employee reference number. 

Please Note: For employees to be included in the payroll export they MUST have an employee reference number.

Non-Binary Genders 
Required by UK law.

Requiring P46 Information 
Number of employees that do not have P46 information.

The blue arrows located in the last three boxes will take you to a list of employees missing that information.

When you are ready to run the payroll export simply click the + button in the right hand corner.

Please Note: If there is no + plus button then this means you do not have any changes currently to export.

You will then be shown how many changes there are to export and you will get to chose whether or not you would like to include the employees missing national insurance numbers in the payroll export.

Once you are ready click 'add payroll export'

Your payroll export will then have the status of 'preparing' and you will be shown the below message.

When you want to view your payroll export click 'update results' and an arrow icon will appear next to the payroll export that you can use to view the report.

You will be able to see when the report was created, how many changes were included and who created the report.

In the top right hand corner you will see these icons:

ARCHIVE - This is to archive the report so once you have used this report and no longer want it to appear on the initial list you can archive it. Don't worry you can still view archived payroll exports.

REBUILD - You can use this to rebuild the export, so if you have forgotten to make a change you can quickly rectify this on the employee's profile and then rebuild the report.

DOWNLOAD - If you are happy with the report you can use this icon to download the payroll export

A folder that includes 4 reports will then be downloaded and you can use these reports to transfer information to your payroll software or to your Finance department.


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